Realms of Atrothia: Legacy Races Revisited

Realms of Atrothia - Legacy Races Revisited (Cover)

What is Realms of Atrothia: Legacy Races Revisited?

Building upon the legacy of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and the existing d20 game system which is over 35 years in the making, Realms of Atrothia: Legacy Races Revisited includes a new look at 56 races suitable for play at 1st character level. Each race has been rebuilt using our own adaptation of the Race Point system first outlined in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide, aligning each to the same power level. From the kasatha to the kobold, all races are created equal, so no matter what your character concept, you will be sure to make your mark on the world!

What's New?

Nearly all the races which appear in Realms of Atrothia: Legacy Races Revisited have received additional racial traits to bring them in line with the same power level. All races also feature two alternative racial traits, so you can get the most out of your character concept. Some races also list new character options beyond racial traits, such as proficiency with brand new weapons like the acrobat spear.

Keep in mind, all of these races are suitable for play at 1st character level, so some races which are usually considered to be one or more levels higher than normal, such as the drow noble, svirfneblin, or trox are not included. In their place, races which are in line with other revisited races appear, such as gnoll and lizardfolk.

What's Changed?

While Realms of Atrothia: Legacy Races Revisited does make some minor alterations to existing racial traits, the way you play the game is still the same. There are only three main concepts to consider when running or playing in a game going forward.

Firstly, if a racial trait provides a bonus, unless otherwise stated, that is considered a racial bonus. Like nearly all other bonuses, racial bonuses do not stack with one another, instead the highest bonus overrides the lower bonuses.

Secondly, if you want to use racial traits from other sources, they will be fully compatible, however if a racial trait provides a racial bonus to a skill check, it should also be considered a class skill.

Finally, racial traits are always tied to your character level, so if the ability scales in strength, such as spell-like abilities or spell resistance, it is based on your character level. Your character level is the sum of all your class levels. It determines when you gain ability score increases and feats, as well as the necessary amount of experience required to attain the next level.