Capable of blending magic with mechanical creations, the path of the artificer is one only tread by those with ingenuity and imagination to spare. Armed with their devices, manufactured oddities or curios which are imbued with magical essence to duplicate the effects of spells, and their master creation, a unique item or construct capable of unequaled customization, artificers blur the lines between mundane smiths, magical crafters, and spell-wielding magi.
Hailing from the civilized corners of the world, where access to materials, new ideas, and workspace is readily available, artificers are as varied as their many creations. While some are content to sequester themselves within their workshops for weeks or even months at a time, others feel the need to seek out ancient creations and adapt them for their own use. Others yet explore the vastness of the cosmos in hope of finding new and unique materials to construct even greater creations, whose capabilities exceed even the most powerful spells.